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Khushhall Chandra Mahajan खुशहाल चंद्र महाजन

Software Engineer
Facebook Inc.
Menlo Park, USA

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  • Pytorch-RL
    • Built a python package based on pytorch, making easy to run state-of-the-art deep reinforcement learning algorithms.
    • Implemented algorithms such as DDPG, DDQN, CEM. pytorch-rl works with OpenAI Gym out of the box.

  • keras-3dgan | 3D Generative Adversarial Networks
    • Implemented a NIPS 2016 paper on 3D Generative Adversarial Networks to generate 3D Objects in keras.
    • Experimented with inverted loss, autoencoder pretraining and bias-free versions to overcome the GAN convergence problem.

  • Hyperspectral Satellite Image Segmentation
    • Worked on hyperspectral (4 and 20 band) high-resolution satellite image segmentation using convolutional encoder-decoder neural networks like SegNet.
    • Developed an end to end pipeline achieving a mean accuracy of 82% on Zurich dataset.

  • Carrom-RL | Reinforcement Learning
    • Developed a reinforcement learning agent to play Carrom in single user and multi player settings.
    • Explored and implemented reinforcement learning various techniques as deep Q-learning (DQN) and DDGP.

  • Segmentation and Classification of Web UI elements
    Aalto University
    Guide: Prof. Antti Oulasvirta
    • Developed an adaptive system to segment and classify personalized UI elements
    • Achieved 91% F1 score in segmenting web UI elements using edge-detection based techniques and other heuristics
    • Classified the common web elements with a mean accuracy of 97.4%

  • Incremental Query Optimization
    CSE, IIT Bombay, Summer 2015
    Guide: Prof. S. Sudarshan
    • Worked on incremental search algorithm along with branch and bound pruning of the search space to improvise the Depth First Search approach used in the Volcano and Cascades Frameworks
    • Implemented Fibonnaci heap for the dynamic execution of the Task depending upon the priority
    • Improved efficiency of the cost metric in the PyroJ query optimizer to achieve the best plan for execution

  • Image Recognition Using Class Specific Linear Projection
    Digital Image Processing, CS 663
    Guide: Prof. Ajit Rajwade
    • Implemented the algorithm for face detection, insensitive to lighting direction and facial expression


  • Image Mosaicing Using Fourier Shift Theorem
    EE338 : Digital Signal Processing
    Guide: Prof. V.M. Gadre
    • Used an algorithm based on Fourier shift theorem for image mosaicing
    • The project was ranked among the top 3 in the whole batch.


  • Swarachakra Bangla
    IDC, IIT Bombay, Summer 2014
    Guide: Prof. Aniruddh Joshi
    • Improvised the existing Swarachakra code-base to develop a version in Bangla
    • Conceptualised the design and layout of the keyboard for a better user experience
    • Swarachakra Bangla has attracted over 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store


  • ASC Visualization Kit
    Software Development For Engineers, AE 425
    Guide: Prof. Shankar Balachandran
    • Developed a Django application to enable the student community to have a better access to academic data
    • Used data scrapping techniques viz. Selenium for collecting data from the web
    • Winner of the Facebook hackathon for the best utility project in the institute