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Khushhall Chandra Mahajan खुशहाल चंद्र महाजन

Software Engineer
Facebook Inc.
Menlo Park, USA

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I am a Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher working in recommendation systems. Currently, I work in the Video Recommendations team at Meta, where I am responsible for developing cutting-edge ML algorithms. These algorithms directly enhance the accuracy and impact of video recommendations used by billions of users worldwide. My algorithms power the recommendation engine for Facebook Watch and Reels, which reaches over 1.25 billion users monthly (as of September 2020). Prior to this role, I was in the Ads team, developing innovative Ads solutions that drove top-line revenue for the company.

I graduated from Georgia Tech with an MS in CS specializing in Machine Learning. I worked with Prof. Thad Starner on the Jack Watson project and led the team to develop a system to address contract cheating in online CS education. We published our work in Learning@Scale 2019. Previously, I completed a dual degree (Bachelor’s + Master’s) in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay, where I worked with Prof. Amit Sethi on applications of deep learning in medical image analysis.

I am interested in research groups working on challenging problems in Recommendation systems and Machine Learning.


[Aug 2023] Invited to serve as a reviewer in the ICLR 2024 conference. Excited to be part of it.
[Aug 2023] Invited to be in Program Committee (PC) in the ECIR 2024 conference.
[Jul 2023] Invited to be in program committee of CIKM 2023 conference.
[July 2023] Organising the VideoRecSys workshop in the RecSys 2023 conference at Singapore.
[May 2023] Presented CAViaR paper at WWW 2023 conference at Austin.
[Apr 2023] Invited to be a speaker at The AnnualMeeting Of Big Data & AI Leaders In Canada
[Apr 2023] My paper CAViaR: Context Aware Video Recommendations got listed at arxiv
[Apr 2023] PIE: Personalized Interest Exploration for Large-Scale Recommender Systems listed at arxiv
[Apr 2023] Invited to serve as a reviewer in the NeurIPS 2023 conference. Excited to be part of it
[Apr 2023] Invited to be program committee of ECAI 2023 "Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems"
[Mar 2023] Organisizing VideoRecSys Workshop being held in conjunction with Recsys 2023
[Mar 2023] Chairing a session on E-commerce and Click-Through Rate Prediction in the TheWebConf 2023
[Jan 2023] Listed as ML researcher at Meta research
[Nov 2022] Invited as a reviewer for WWW 2023 conference on the industry track
[Oct 2022] Invited as reviewer for ECIR 2023 conference
[Sep 2022] Invited as a reviewer for AISTATS 2023 conference
[Sep 2022] Attended Recsys 2022 conference in Seattle
[Feb 2020] Joined Facebook, Menlo Park full-time as Software Engineer
[Dec 2019] Graduated from Georgia Tech with MS in CS specializing in machine learning
[Jul 2019] Completed internship at Facebook. Had a great learning experience
[May 2019] Started my internship at Facebook, Menlo Park with the CDN team
[Jan 2019] Working as GRA with Prof. Thad Starner. Leading the team to build chatbot.
[Jul 2014] Built the Swarachakra Android keyboard. Downloaded over a million times in the play store.


Georgia Tech
IIT Bombay
Aalto University
Netra Inc.
Microsoft Research